Corporate Co-Creation Plan

Dedicated CSR Program

Corporates can leverage their strengths and collaborate with CFSC to develop a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program aligned with their core values and objectives, which contribute to their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and create positive and sustainable societal impacts.

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Current Showcases

  • Co-Create for Good Purpose: Social Inclusion
  • Partnership Model: Corporate Co-Create Program
  • Beneficiary: Social Inclusion & People with Disabilities
  • Program Description:
    • Samuel Ashley partners with A-Soulroom to launch a new collection of hand-stitched leather luggage tags.
    • The pieces are skillfully handcrafted by persons with disabilities trained at Tsui Lam Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service under CFSC.
    • Each piece is beautifully packed with a thank you card signed by the talented artisan.
    • Customers are now entitled to redeem a Samuel Ashley x A-Soulroom luggage tag at a charity price of HK$99 each upon any purchase at Samuel Ashley stores or online. The proceeds from each luggage tag sold will be donated to the CFSC to support the vocational rehabilitation service for persons with disabilities.
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